Jamplay vs Guitartrick: Which is the Fastest Route to Master Guitar?

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments out there. Many want to learn guitar but with a busy life schedule and expensive tutors, it is only a dream to some. However, learning guitar these days has become very easy. You do not need to pay 40 dollars per hour for learning guitar, you can do it for free from the comfort of home.

Jamplay and Guitar tricks are the most reviewed and popular guitar learning websites in the world. There are many other apps, courses, and programs but those cannot be compared. If you narrowed down to these two then this Jamplay vs. Guitar tricks comparison will help you to make a final choice. You will do both Jamplay and Guitar Trick review, but here, we have focused more on the comparison to give the guitar enthusiasts an in-depth view.

Guitar tricks vs. Jamplay Review

For beginners:

Getting the instruction right is the key when you are learning guitar. Both Guitar Tricks and Jamplay has a huge section for the beginners.

Guitar Tricks has a very precise lesson for beginners. The lessons in Guitar tricks are arranged step by step and every lesson is built on the previous one. As a beginner, you will tons of information there.

Even the video lessons are short and informative. These are great if you want to re-watch it. If you want step-by-step instruction then you may try the 14 days Guitar Tricks free trial.

Jamplay has categorized its lessons by guitar institute types and teachers. Every instructor has some lessons for beginners but these are not properly arranged like Guitar Tricks.

Winner: Guitar Tricks as it is easier for beginners to follow.

For advanced players:

These two programs are not just for beginners, intermediate and advanced players can also brush-up their skills.

The main thing about Guitar Tricks vs. Jamplay is, Guitar Trick goes in a straight path and whereas, Jamplay gives you a bunch of options. Neither is better than the other but the one Guitar Trick offers is more simplified and easy to learn and practice.

Winner: It’s a tie!

Lessons Presented:

In both of the websites, lessons are presented with videos. This is one of the best things about both Guitar Tricks and Jamplay.

The videos in Guitar Tricks are more basic and simple. Hence, the learner can practice simple tunes before going into the hard ones.

Jamplay offers more camera angles than Guitar Tricks but this is not always useful.

However, both video camera and camera views are great in both options. Both of the websites have done a great job at zooming in and out at the proper spots.

Guitar Tricks

This is when you need to access the Guitar Tricks and Jamplay free trial. This will help you to decide which one you are more comfortable with.

Winner: Guitar Tricks for posting more basic and simple video lessons.

Song Library

If you have read any Guitar Trick or Jamplay review then, you will find that both of them offer a huge song library. Both will help you to learn your favorite song.

Winner: Again, a tie!


As you learned about their options, it is time to know about their prices. Jamplay and Guitar Tricks both have a similar price range and they both offer a free trial period. Remember, that you can try both and find out which one meets your expectations.

Your level of expertise and process of learning guitar will tell you which one to choose. If you are a beginner then it is better to choose Guitar ricks and if you are an intermediate or advanced player, Jamplay would be best for you.  

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